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Why drive from San Antonio to Boerne for yoga?

The drive from San Antonio to Boerne for Yoga

It is only 35 minutes from downtown San Antonio to the studio door.

One of the first things I hear when I tell people that I opened an aerial yoga studio in Boerne is “That’s too far, I wish it were closer.”  I live in downtown San Antonio and rarely leave 410; I understand. Then, my perspective changed.

First, our studio is amazing. To me, some places just feel right for yoga. After looking for a location in San Antonio for a year, I couldn’t find a space that was safe for aerial yoga and felt right. This studio has a special energy. Every time I enter to doors, it is like taking a good deep breath.

Then, I rationalized about the distance, it is only 10 to 15 min past La Cantera. A wonderful treat is that it is all highway from San Antonio to studio door. On the best days, from downtown, it takes 35 minutes. On bad days, 45 minutes. I used to work at 281 and Stone Oak, and that drive was always longer for a shorter distance.

But then something changed. My yoga practice became part of my drive. Every loop I crossed was part of preparing for yoga. When I cross 410, I let my work stress fall away. When I cross 1604, I let my personal stress fall. By the time I get to Leon Springs and Fair Oaks, I am breathing deeper, have less chatter in my head, and feel ready to be fully present for yoga. Pulling up to the studio door, surrounded by oak trees, I have changed spaces and perspective.

San Antonio Yoga to Boerne

This is what I feel happening as I drive to yoga.

Yoga is a practice that begins with our body on the mat or in a hammock. I found that yoga becomes a practice that has changed the way I interact with the world. Take a deep breath and then take the drive as part of your practice. Come see why we are such a special place.

Your partner in yoga (and the beautiful transformative drive),

What to Expect

Been wondering what to expect for your first aerial yoga class? Check out this video.